Starting in the early 1990s, I began to write sexual/erotic stories about Biblical personalities. I don't know if anyone else ever attempted to do this but I have never seen another author write about this type of theme.

One reason I did this was to present the men and women of the Bible as natural and living human beings with the same loves and passions that we possess today. Another reason is that I am a bad boy and tend to sexualize everything.

Having said this, there is a caveat that you should be aware of. The real, historic men and women of Biblical times may have felt the same emotions and passions that we do today but they lived in another age under a social climate somewhat different from ours. Whether or not this should affect the manner in which I present their love making is open to speculation.

I received positive responses from several Christians who have read the stories.

But also very early on, I received a note from an Orthodx Jewish woman who cautioned me that "The heavy breathings of our ancestors should not be openly displayed. It is a matter of modesty." I am aware that Orthodox Jews, in general, have a difficulty with openly expressed sexuality. That is mainly because Orthodox Judaism views sex and romantic relations between couples in a pre-modern manner, with many of the taboos which most people in modern secular society no longer observe.

Be that as it may, I have not received any feedback about these romances in quite some time now. So if you have something to say about them, please feel free to write me.

I hope you will enjoy reading these rather steamy stories written by me, and a few by others.

If you want to send me Biblical sex stories of your own, I'll be happy to review them and publish them on this site.

If you want to send me your material, email me at

Adam And Eve .

Noah .

Abraham And Sarah .

Isaac And Rebecca .

Jacob And Leah .

Judah And Tamar .

Joseph And Potiphar's Wife .

Moses And Zipporah .

Joshua And Rahab .

Ruth And Boaz .

Jael And Sisera .

Samson And Delilah .

David And Bathsheba .

Solomon And Naamah .

Solomon And Ashtarte .

Jezebel And Ahab .

Hosea And Gomer .

Yeshua And Magdalen

The Fetter Of Oblivion: A Story About Mary Magdalene
by Kelly Fleming

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