I began writing this essay series, JESUS THE NAZARENE AND HIS JEWISH FOLLOWERS, in 1988 as an attempt to explain to Jewish people, and anyone else who would care to read it, how the real historical Jesus was a Jew in every way and never had any intention of declaring himself a deity or of starting a new religion. The series is based on extensive reading on the subject as well as on many discussions, over the years, with people who I respect as knowledgeable on the subjects of Biblical criticism, New Testament studies, Jewish history, and comparative religion.

I also based it upon my own frequent re-reading of the New Testament itself and my own understanding of what the NT authors were teaching as well as what they attempted to cover up about the history of Jesus the Nazarene and the origins of his Nazarene party.

The essay series was completed during the early 1990s. Since that time, my new understandings about who Jesus was and about his movement caused me to realize that much of the material presented here needed revision and much editing. Sad to say, I have not as yet found the time nor the patience to begin this undertaking. But take heart. I may yet get to it. Of course, I welcome any feedback on these essays from whoever finds the opportunity and the time to read them. Kindly feel free to email me your comments, positive and negative. Address them to I will respond to each email I receive.

The Introduction essay will explain more why I began this project. I hope you enjoy reading these essays and feel inspired to offer me constructive criticisms and insights I may have missed.

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