Because you warm me me with your company
Because you remain close to me
Because you are patient and kind
I send you these words of fond gratitude.
Amber words on a black background...
Amber...the color of warmth...
Like two friends holding hands,
Like two friends kissing and embracing,
Like two friends tenderly carressing one another;
So do I kiss you with these amber words,
So do I embrace you and carress you with them,
So do I beg you sweet lady
To take me into your embrace and kiss me
By receiving these my amber words.
Oh let me lie in your bossom
There within the warmth of you
Feeling your softness and your gentle kindness
I shall rest - finding peace with you.
Two friends - far from each other in space are we.
Yet close in words and sentiments.
We touch, we embrace, we kiss.
We are together in our minds, in our hearts.
Each one feeling the sweetness of the other.
As I do feel the sweetness o f you
     do know the goodness of you
Humbly do I thank you for letting me be
Your loving friend.

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