Now in the golden time of your life,
                You may pause,
                And breathe deeply,
                And look serenely,
                At the land through which
                You have thus far travelled.

                Direct your gaze backward
                To see what you have sown
                As you walked;
                To admire with delight
                What you have reaped
                As you journeyed.

                Look upon the profusion of life
                That has grown in this -
                Your own unique world -
                Because you have been here;
                Because you have planted.

                Now see the lives that have
                Sprung up from the earth,
                Tenderly watered and cultivated
                By your loving hands.

                So they grew and multiplied.
                And now -
                They return to honor you
                Upon this special day
                When first you awoke
                To see G-d's sunshine
                So long, long ago.

                This is your golden time.
                Gold- the color of autumn.
                And 80 autumns
                Have come and gone.

                Direct your gaze forward
                And know
                That the winter to follow
                Will be filled
                With lights and voices singing -
                For you.

                The seeds of joy
                That you
                Continue to sow
                In our midst
                Will praise you.
                As Solomon the King has said -
                "Many women have performed powerfully,
                 But YOU excel them all."

                                        s sherman  - 6-2-98

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