By Lynnetta Dellova
This poem was sent to me by Lynnetta in response
to a poem which I wrote for her.

From a distance: a man like any other in the physical sense.
passion rumbles beneath the surface of casual smiles
for reasons I do not understand.
I embrace, yet fear the fantasies which have become ever present
As you stand close to me, my heart skips.
Time and again I find myself catching my breath
Trying to keep my eyes from giving me away.
The scent of you: not cologne nor soap,
But the compounds of nature which god gave all creatures..
Lingers and teases. My body trembles.
Do not ask why.
I have no answer to satisfy the question.
I am not a beauty but I am woman.
My skin is soft, my lips warm.
In my dreams our lips touch:
A feeling which transcends anything
I have ever known.
We do not speak.
We are one..we touch , we love
The air is thick, lightning flashes....
Thunder rolls.

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