You have seen me
Open up my mind to you
And reveal the world of my fantasies,
When what I wish
Is to open up my heart to you
And reveal the depth of my loving.
Oh I could show to you in words
The sex stories of my mind
In which we two
Dance semi-naked in semi-darkness
To the rhythm of our tuminessence,
And the throbbing,
Quickening of our desire
Builds to ecstacy.
But now sweetest sister,
I beg you only this.
If I shall entreat you
To take me into your woman's embrace,
I will ask for more than breasts and thighs.
I will ask you for that sweet feminine heart
That beats beneath those breasts.
Hold me tightly in your arms.
Wrap me in your love, securely.
Let me feel your carresses,
And give me words of tenderness.
Whisper my name,
And call me "Darling"!
Then I shall give you
All that you desire.

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