And so my dear lady
Here I am again
And although I have said
That I would no more speak to you
In this manner again,
Yet you have asked that I do
And I find that I cannot refuse you
Nor do I wish to
For it is my fondest desire
To address you as a lover
Which is also your very own desire
(Not so - dearest sweetheart?)
Oh your voice does things to me
Works its gentle magic
Makes me desire you
As it makes me feel close to you
For as much as we do speak
We grow closer together
With each sweet converstaion,
With each loving word.
Oh Green Eyes - hold me close
Tho' I am at a distance -
Close to your sweet woman's breasts
So that
I may feel your heart race
With desire for me -
For my arms - for my lips
As I desire you now!!!
Because you call me sweet names
And I find bold encouragement in that
To speak to you thus -
To taste your skin
To devour your body
To merge my soul with yours.
Oh Green Eyes!
Do you not wish
At this very moment
(As i do)
That we were lying together
Side by side
In our wonderous loving nakedness?
Can you not feel me loving you
As I feel you loving me?
With all my heart - with all your heart!
Hugging me close - kissing me, your lips
Hard upon mine - to draw the very breath
Of love and desire from me!
And you need not wonder
But that I would give you
My everything that you wish me to -
Taking you close again to myself
As I have so often done in dreams
As i do now my beloved Vanessa!
And again we are lovers
As we have been from the begining of time
From Eden until this very day.
And if we meet - when we meet
I want you!
Oh do not be frightened
But abandon yourself to me
Because of these sweet and true affections
I send to you
As much by own will
As by your loving affectionate request
Which i will never deny...
For it pleases me much to please you
Darling southern woman...
My heart yearns southward
Below Mason-Dixon's sweet sweet land
Where you are
And where i will love you more than here and now!

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