For S.K. - on 12/26/95
A Christmas Story
By King S -

How could she do such a thing?
Unconscious, unaware ...
All eyes upon her.
Good G-d, girl!
Get a grip!

Christmas Day,
Deck the halls.
Coffee smells
So good!
Tastes as wonderful as white December.
Beans crushed
In its teeth.
Little machine
Now in danger
Of being frozen
Like a New York man in winter.
But like him,
Saved in the nick of time
And kept warm
By that same Loving Lady.
Man and machine!
She saved the day for both
More powerfully than she can guess.

Coffee grinders can't smile.
But I can, thank Whomever!
Radio plays Noel.
Born is the king of Israel.
Who is that?
In the east, that is me.
A king of hearts
Born anew.
Loving Lady rebirths him
Through loving generosity
She did not know she had.

All eyes upon her.
Good G-d, girl!
Get a grip!
They don't know
What I know.
Poor little grinder.
She did it
Because of me!
Because of love!
1995 - A coffee grinder
And  - A loving Christmas.

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