Farewell, my sister, Lorraine

January 10, 2024

She dreams outrageous dreams with her sometime lover.
The dream weaver has woven wild erotic stories on the loom of her mind.

He whispers some forbidden romantic tales to her, and she approves of his tastes.

She has opened to him the places he wishes to probe and explore and he has been generous to her in wild fantasies of the mind.

But the winds of time have blown them far apart and she begins to forget her teacher. In his mind, when he saw her clearly long ago, she became translucent, now transparent. And soon she is invisible to him. Try as he might, he can no longer see her. He can only imagine her as she was in their stories, loving and giving.

Mornings he calls out to her but she remains silent. Oh, he longs to hear her sweet voice but her silence is deafening. A strong cord once bound them together and now only a wispy thread. It is a thread that he must sever else be lost in madness.

The cord is cut. The sweet memories will fade.
Farewell, mother of rain who was once my dearest sister.

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