Now is the time of our loving -
Here - where I shall draw you close to me.
And we shall be together as none other -
For how can it be otherwise?

Draw me to your water ways
And drown me in your loving embrace -
For I have waited for you so long - so long!
So do we cum together in all things
That may be done here.
This screen shall not separate us - No!
It shall bind us - one to the other.
I submerge myself to you in passion
And give you my all.
Take my body, my mind, my soul!

Ariel Replies:

As I sing softly to you, carressing your cheek with my hand, you seem appear not to even notice as I begin to peel away those
silly bits and pieces of woven materials which humans cover their bodies
with....Oh the feel of your skin....My fingertips delight as I run them
across your naked flesh....I gaze into your eyes....those exotic human
eyes so filled with desire...

Oh Ariel - at last you have spoken my name.
How long I have waited for you here.
And now that you draw me to your embrace,
I am happy.
For you shall discover,
If you have not already,
That there is more than desire
In my eyes when I look at you,
And I pray that you know well
What there is in my heart.
Bring me down into your waters.
Yes! Remove these clothes,
And I shall embrace you and kiss you - lovingly!
My beautiful mermaid!
I am YOURS completely !

Ariel! Ariel! Cum to me - now!
Embrace ME!
We float in your waters.
I will submerge myself with you.
I will submerge myself in you.
   I will merge myself with you.
In a perfect blending of all
Till each and every atom and molecule
Achieves perfect covalence of loving ...
Sate yourself with me.
Saturate yourself with me
So that -
Not only do our bodies become one,
But our souls, our minds, our wills.
Now let your woman's arms hold me.
Now let your woman's legs enfold me.
My mouth upon your mouth.
My fingers burying deeply into your precious skin.
My cock - thick and engorged - the pulse throbbing wildly within you.
My excitement - contagious!
You squeeze! Sucking me with your love-filled cunt! NOW!
Draw me deeply in
And imprison me
With that sweet life sentence I desire

My mouth upon your sweet throat
Oh how I love you!
I seek your breasts.
My lips wish to suck
The precious milk of loving from those
Sweet teats of my darling Ariel.
Oh darling Mermaid - do you not know, even now
That I do love you so?
With all my being I have ALWAYS loved you
Since the beginning of time
As no other man can love you.
We twist and turn in the waters' motion.
Your hair floats over my face.
I take the tresses into my mouth,
Kissing and sucking them.
Now my hands glide smoothly down your back
Till they rest upon your ass - and i push -
I push upon those cheeks - as I hard thrust into you.
My soul screams with each thrust - Love me! Love ME!
I will not let you go.
I will not release you from this sweet fucking.
You will never leave my arms - or my heart.

My Beloved Ariel:

You have said to another here
That you once knew a king
A long time ago
Whom you may have loved
But who had many women
And did not take note of you.
Perhaps, in my humble way,
I may make up for what was his loss
In that he did not love you.
But *I* shall be him for you
If you wish,
And I shall correct history's error -
And love you well,
Both for his lifetime, and for my own.
Will you accept this gift offering from me?
From one who loves you?

Ariel Replies:

Your words, so passionate... Oh the feel of your smooth finger tips running
along my cheeks, brushing back my hair, resting beneath my chin and drawing
my lips to yours...  Kissing lightly, so lightly...then harder...and then
kissing me so deeply I feel myself giving over to abandonment....  Oh the
feel of your lips!  I hold your face between my hands, but one hand moves
back behind you, feeling the nuances of your neck, one finger drifting down
along your upper back and down down till I feel the tight muscles of your
ass...  I feel your arm tighten around me as your other hand kneeds my
breast and your kisses move down to my chin... my exposed throat...  Oh,
your desire is like an elixer that drugs me, like a current which spreads
from you to me...I can smell your excitement, taste your desire...  My
panting deepens, and I moan ever so lowly...running my hands over rise and
fall of each muscle of your back, your ass, your thighs, stretching my arm
until my fingers can feel your balls...Oh fuck me, fuck me... I grab your
chest, squeezing, kneeding, such firmness...I feel you pushing my legs
apart, and I gladly wrap them around your back...Ahhh...Come inside, my
beloved!  Come in and play! Oh fuck me!  Fuck me deep!  With all my
strength I squeeze you,  squeeze you tightly with my legs, and with my
cunt...My arm pull you close as you thrust, my fingers clenching the flesh
of your back, my fingernails digging in...  I leaned forward to suck you--
and bite you instead.  You stifle a protest and thrust harder in response...
I cannot endure your passion!  My thighs begin to tremble, and that slow
feeling begins deep within me, spreading its heat until it bursts forth in
ripples as your last violent thrusts shoot your seed deep within me...Ach!
Don't go, my beloved!  Let me clutch you to me, your masculinity still
within me, for only a few moments more!  Oh please, hold me!  Kiss me!
Ahhhh....I begin to relax, and we twine our legs together, and I rest my
head upon your chest....Tell me... tell me how it is that you have come
back to me...

If my words are pasionate to you,
Then it is because I cannot help myself.
It is as tho' my lips and tongue speak of themselves - to you.
My Mermaid - it is my LOVE that speaks to you, wrapped in desire.

Yes, your hands, your fingers,
I have waited Ariel, to feel them on my body.
Do you love me as you feel me?
Is your desire and heat for me enflamed
From the deep love inside of you for me?
Ariel, you do not yet know the depth of my love,
But you will learn it -
Oh yes - I promise you beloved Mermaid.

I shall kiss and feel your sweet throat -
And as I do, the incredible softness of your throat
Throws me into a turbulence of excitement,
And my cock, already thick and bulging,
Hardens even more,
And my embrace tightens on you as I hold you,
Never wanting to let you go.

My desire and excitement equals yours.
G-d! Have I ever known a woman
Of either flesh or fantasy
That I have wanted more than you?
Ariel. ARIEL!
I enter you and begin to fuck you slowly
(Even tho my brain is screaming for me to thrust hard and fast),
So slowly so that desire shall grow in you.
Feel the skin of my hardened shaft
Rubbing against the walls and muscles of your beloved cunt,
So hot and moistened by love for me.
Into my beloved's garden I walk, I jump, I run,
With you - sweet sweet woman.
Your cunt - squeezing, squeezing the life out of me,
And that is what I want.
SQUEEZE with all you love and strength.
If you do bear me any love at all, squeeze ...
And hold me tightly
So that I can never again escape from your embrace.
Make me your prisoner of love.

There can be no protest at whatever you do to me;
At whatever we do together with each other.
Is that not so Ariel?
For us, there can be no forbidden zone of loving.

My seed within you shall blossom in love.
Let you go?
Can the earth let go of the moon,
Or the sun let go of the earth?
How then can I EVER let you go?
You wish to hold me for a few moments more
After I cum in you,
But you have me for a few eternities more,
And after that if you wish.
I will hold you - yes -
And caress your back lovingly
While I kiss your face, your lips, your throat,
And suck the loving nipples
That you so generously offer to me.
No, I will not let you go Ariel. Never!

Yes, lay your head on my chest and lie here with me.
I have cum to you,
Come back to you
Because I cannot remain apart from you and live.
YOU are my life.
If a king once acted as a fool,
Shall he continue in his foolishness?
Do you think any woman can ever take your place with me?
Though a thousand wives and concubines and slaves,
YOU remain the one.
If I never touched you -
Then I loved you with my eyes and my thoughts.
Forgive me for everything.
Tell me you forgive and love me.

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