Feb 5, 1997

         You asked me
        If I wanted a son
        But let your response be
        As the response of Elkanah to Channah:
        "Why is thy heart grieved?
         Am I not better to thee than ten sons?" ***
        For surely you are, sweetest daughter.
        My love for you is boundless.
        It is unconditional.
        It remains forever.
        Who is it
        That could ever be
        A better child to me
        Than you?
        For you have remained
        Constant in your love for me
        Tho' I have often walked
        On paths of which you do not approve.
        Yet we have always
        Had so much
        That binds us together,
        And always will.
        I asked HASHEM
        For a child as a gift,
        And in His infinite wisdom and love
        He gave me you.
        I have been ever grateful.

*** First Samuel I:8

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