Oh gentle girl
I feel you in my arms
Close to me,
Your body snuggled against my own.
The scent of you,
The taste of you
Filling me with passion;
But not this alone makes me burn for you -
But something else.
It is
Your very response to me -
It is YOU
    holding ME
    kissing ME
    caressing ME
    wanting ME
That ignites the fire more.
Yet within that heat
Is a glow that is warm, not hot.
It is
A feeling of tenderness for you.
For it is your humanity
As much as your femininity
That I do love.
Oh lady love of mine,
To be in your arms
Naked and unashamed
In our tenderness
Holding, holding, holding
Each other near.
Holding, holding, holding
Each other dear.
I would carress you
Banishing all pain and dispair.
Just caress your lovely softness,
Hearing you purr against me,
Hearing you say you want me.
I give my all to you.
Only one thing I ask of you
Beg of you-
Hold me!
Hold me!
Hold me!

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