Yes, its true
I reviled you and cursed you
And I am cast into sadness
          and into darkness
          and into dispair
For the hurt I feel.
Yes, its true
That i am sorry that we married
But I am not sorry for having known you
For as much as I have taught you
So in equal measure
Have I learned from you.
And I remember all the kindnesses
That you have shown me
And how
When I asked you to share
My race and my faith
"I remember your youthful devotion,
the love of the days of your espousal,
how you followed me through the wilderness,
through an unsown land."
And I know the truth of what you say:
Though we be divorced one thousand times,
Yet inside
We will remain forever married,
And it brings tears to my heart
As it does to the altar yet abiding
In G-d's Holy Temple
Which weeps
When a man puts away the wife of his youth.
Yet through those tears
I hope for a better tomorrow
For her whom we have both created
In that moment when we loved so well
And so deeply,
When I saw how beautiful you are.
How can I forget?

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