You Wished A Rose You wished a rose from me
And I came to you empty-handed
And I left you empty-armed.
Permit me then to chose words
With which to create for you
That which you desired of me
For your fantasy.
I shall form it full petalled
Opening to reveal within
The red loveliness.
One stem, yet I have de-thorned it
So that it shall not prick you at all
But bring you pleasure.
Oh press it to your bossom and think of me.
So have I most hopefully fullfilled your fantasy.
Now I shall speak to you
Of my own fantasy.
You and I - together.
You - in my arms,
And I kissing and caressing
Your soft sweet femininity.
I am as the sun
Shining upon you
Giving you both my heat and light
So that you open to me as the petals of a flower
And receive me inside.
We dance the dance of Eros
And I give you that sweet loving
Which contains within it
Both tenderness and passion
As only I may bestow.
Oh think not that I speak from pride and vanity,
I speak from all humility.
I embrace you and I speak your name
It is a beautiful refrain.
So shall these my words come to you
And cause you to think sweet thoughts of me.

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