My name on your lips
Like the sweetest music in the universe
Lifting me up to the stars
              to the heaven of heavens;
Like a haunting melody that lingers afterward
Like the taste of love in my mouth after
I shall have loved you even more than I knew
It was possible for a man to love a woman;
The way I do love you even now!
Oh speak that name
That is ME!
Oh let me hear it sweetest lover
When I am deep inside you
And can go no deeper
Though you want me deeper in you;
And I wish to be deeper;
When the only depths that I can penetrate
Are your heart and soul
That I wish you to give to me only...
Most beloved woman whom I wish to embrace
Tenderly and passionately
All at once.
My name on your lips
When you are reaching the hights of love!
Scream it out
And crush me with its sound
As you crush me with your body!!!!
Let it flow over me like a river
                    like an ocean.
Let it rock me like an earthquake!
Moving me
As I move within you...
As we move together...back and forth in love...
You whom i desire above all others...
Wraped in that precious pronouncement...
MY NAME!  - that I may know the fullness of
            your desire for me,
And the love for me that is in your heart
For I need it so much!

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