(Dedicated to Gary K.)

This is the April of my opening
When I kiss myself
When I give to myself those carresses and embraces
Most generously heretofore bestowed upon them of the fair sex.
Oh you women - look upon me!
King Solomon, arrayed in serenity
Crowned with hope.
I look upon the earth
Which reawakens to its greening
As I awaken to my rebirth.
Out of the depths of dispair
I rise, and soar, up to highest heaven
Where I behold the constellations
Moving me to my destiny;
Taurus rising -
He comes to meet me, to welcome me
He throws back his mighty head and bellows out his strength
His horns are the horns of triumph
His hooves dance among the stars
There where I sit and gaze upon him
I make his strength mine
So that even I shine as a constellation
Of all that I am, have been, will yet be.
I sing the song of loving.
I whisper, I shout, I say to myself,
I love you,
Most passionately!
I am young again.

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