Once you were
Unknown, unseen
Words on a screen
And yet I wanted you.
Not the real you
But a dream you
Tantalized by your endearing responses to me
To my words...
You, responding to an unreal me, a dream me
Unknown, unseen
Words on a screen
Yet wanting me...
Oh how intensely we said "love" to each other
Caught up in the magic of feelings...
Giving to each other... sweet electronic kisses...
And caresses...
And then your voice...my voice...
To enhance the magic...to intensify the heat
Of romance...and perhaps of passion...
We sent over telephone wires,
Conducting the sweetness to one another...
And now the you I want is still that woman
Oh but so much more.
For you have shown me such sweet affection
Translating that electronic heat in me
To reality's warmth.
For when you hold me,kiss me, carress me
In reality
I am pervaded with warmth
And when, in my arms, you smile at me
In reality
I melt.
Together we have transcended the screen.
No longer mere impulses, words,
No longer unknown, unseen,
But man and woman in reality.
And my arms and lips, having tasted you
Do now so hunger for you.
Your image, the feel of you
Burned into my mind indellibly
Cannot be erased
And in my secret heart
There is hope
That these, my poor words, sent to you
Will inspire you to say to me
"Yes yes yes yes yes!"

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