Response to
My Review
of Chappaquiddick
By Dietz Ziechmann
April 19, 2018

Dick Schilling, a colleague of mine in the 1964 election campaign, said that his parents attended JFK's first wedding. Victor Lasky referred to the wedding in his book JFK: The Man and the Myth. What big money can do to block inconvenient truths from coming to light in the media.

FDR pulled Joe, Sr. back from London to become his 1940 reelection campaign manager as a way of neutralizing him.

A Palestinian murdered RFK because he thought he was part of an establishment oppressing Palestinians.

JFK was a charming playboy, who could be highly irresponsible at times. My aunt Cordula knew him while she was a Congressional aide and he a Congressman, and had one luncheon date. My Aunt Joan's sister went to school in MD with Jacqueline Bouvier, later Mrs. JFK.

RFK was an atty for Sen. Joseph McCarthy's Senate Internal Security Committee.

A fellow student when I was in Harvard Summer School in 1982, said that he had been at HU when Caroline Kennedy was attending before, and she was always isolated there. With, if I recall correctly, with family, maybe a few close friends, or security guards. (I can relate to that I grew up isolated with family in Shaker Heights, having few contacts all during secondary school. My real adult breakout only occurred when I started attending Torah study and the library minyan at Anshe Chesed-Fairmount Temple. I got confidence in public speaking by during Haftorah readings there. When my mother eventually came with me, she felt like she was at home during her peaceful pre-exile life in Germany.) Caroline Kennedy sent me an email inviting me to become an Obama scholar in 1982. I couldn't accept the invitation as I would have had to pay my own travel and incidental expenses. We were "fired up" by hopes of Obama bringing on a more peaceful, holistic world.

HATORAH speaks of 1,000-year curses, but also opines that the guilt of the fathers does not (necessarily) attached to the sons. TSHUVAH is always an open option.

FDR separated pre-war Poland from continuing as a German-Nazi satellite by secretly guaranteeing through 2 channels American military support if they resisted Hitler's demand for territorial land concessions. (Report verified through at least 2 sources.) Poland would have been Hitler's third Slavic satellite state, after Slovakia and mini-Czechia. (Poland got Teschen in the wake of the 1938 Munich settlement.) No British or American support was forthcoming. France contributed at most a half-hearted attack on the Sarrland in 1939, by at most a brigade-sized unit.

FDR gave limited support to the British - and after June 22, 1941, the Soviets - after Churchill became PM in May 1940. Material and psychological aid in fits and starts, but no major commitment of ground combat troops, other than the occupation of Danish Iceland, and eventually some naval escort ships and the RAF PBY Catalina that spotted and reported the Bismarck until the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. (See The Warlords by Bethon and Potts.) Then the joint staff planning and troops kicked in. FDR feared being driven out of office, if he attacked more boldly.

Dietz Ziechmann, President at Musicians Towers Tenants Council

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