The Tony And Shlomoh Show
The Taping of the 3rd Show - 10/5/04

October 5,2004

The Third Show Taped at Cablevision - Fairlawn, NJ

Tony and Shlomoh taped the repartee section of the 3rd show. Most of the skits and other features are taped out of studio. This episode's repartee dealt with the upcoming interview with Al Goldstein which will be seen in two installments on the October and November episodes.
Shlomoh also discusses his ordination as the first still Jewish Roman Catholic clergyman.
Tony and Shlomoh discuss their knowledge of Latin and why the RC Church decided to drop Latin as a liturgical language.

Rose, the general manager at Fairlawn Cablevision. She's a brave woman to allow US airtime!
Rose with Shlomoh [as Father Kreistenberg] getting
ready to shoot the episode.
Rose with Tony [as himself] getting ready to shoot the episode.

Tony relaxing - or - Happiness is a warm gun!
Bob, the sound man, miking Shlomoh

Bob, the sound man, unmiking Shlomoh

Bob, after the show, discussing the episode with Rose and Tony

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