The Tony And Shlomoh Show
THE Jew Klux Klan

Summer, 2005

This Skit was taped May 4, 2005 at Cablevision studios, and will be aired early summer.

The Jew Klux Klan
Tony: Hey Shlo! What's with the hood and sheet? You join the Ku Klux Klan?

Shlo: What? You actually think I would join that stupid organization?

Tony: So what's with the getup?

Shlo: This, Tony, is the new group - the Jew Klax Klan!

Tony: What's that?

Shlo: We are promoting complete separation.

Tony: Complete separation of the races?

Shlo: No way! The shvarters and the whites, and the Jews and the goyyim can hang together all they want, for all we care.

Tony: Then what?

Shlo: Complete separation of meat and dairy.

Tony: What?

Shlo: We are marching on Washington next week - to petition the Bush gang to make an amendment to the Constitution - forbidding eating milk with meat together.

Tony: Why's that?

Shlo: It's no damn good mixing meat with dairy.

Tony: So what are you gonna do?

Shlo: We're gonna burn a Jewish star on the lawn of the White House to make our demands.

Tony: Burn a friggin star? Oh yeah. You could burn Mel Gibson. He's a star.

Shlo: Yeah. But he's not a Jewish star. He's a Christian star.

Tony: Then why don't you burn Adam Sandler? He's a Jewish star.

Shlo: [Looks at Tony]

Tony: So you're serious about this.

Shlo: Yeah. Very serious. Wake up, goyish people. Meat and milk together is poison.

Tony: So if anyone wants to join the march on Washington, who can they call?

Shlo: Call the FairLawn Chapter of the Jew Klux Klan. The number is in the FairLawn yellow pages.

Tony: Can anyone join or do you have to be a Jew?

Shlo: Nah! Anyone can join. Leave your foreskin at the door and come on down.

Tony: Ok. Good. Hey Shlo. We got a show to do. We already wasted too much time with this crap.

Shlo: Oh alright! If you put it that way. Long live the Jew Klux Klan. Off the pig together with the cheese.

Tony: So let's see that copy of Playgoy you brought in.

Shlo: OK, here it is. It features Women in the Bible. Very holy women.

Tony: [smirking] Oh yeah. They're holey alright.

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