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Purgatory:   It seems like all who sin want to get into Purgatory. BUT! The Minister of Purgatory lets very few people in. He is VERY stringent about admittance. When our reporter asked him who is eligible for Purgatory, the Minister was quoted as saying, "Well, actually, Purgatory is for people who are not really that bad. In fact, basically they are good. It's just that -- they swallow!" All WE can say is - If the shoe fits .....
The Minister:   This dude doesn't fool around. Don't even TRY to get in here unless you do what you do do do!
Father Moisheviki:   This guy has ruined the lives of too many altar boys! Minister wonders what the f**k he is even doing TRYING to get in!
Father Moisheviki And The Minister:   Even though they were best friends while they were alive, the Minister don't play no damn nepotism!
The Applicants For Admittance:
These pathetic creatures must have been HIGH before they even considered getting on the Minister's line!
Gay Terrorist
Puragtory Lovers
Puragtory Lovers
Purgatory Virgins
Gay Terrorist And One of The 72 Virgins
Purgatory Rejects

The cast had a blast doing this bit!