Over the course of many years, friends and admirers have come to this site, read my poetry, and sent me their own poetic compositions. Every once in a while I would see poetry elsewhere which appealed to me and I would ask permission of the poet to publish the poem(s) here. As you can see by reading the menu below, I have accumulated much talented and inspired writing, proving that with the advent of the Internet, every person in the world can potentially have his own electronic printing press.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the authors whose works appear below for thinking enough of this website and its literary area to allow me to reprint their poems here.

In the event that you, visiter, have some poems that you would like to appear here, by all means, send them to me at kingsolnew@yahoo.com with "Fanpoem" in the subject header. I will do my best to show them here as soon as possible. Thank you.


The Invitation - Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Red Herring: A Poem About Abortion - Jaime Walsh
Dark And Barron Land - Jim Davis
Thinking About You - Richard Ware
Charmed - Lois M. Cole
Hidden Love - Tex1
The Poems Of George Martin
Creed - Adrian
The Poems Of Charlotte Crystal Wolf
The Poems Of Wynn Manners
Mary We Did Not Know You - Pam Antares
The Poems of Kelly Fleming
Love's Flame - M. Elaine Doss
Comfort Zone - Daniel Kolos
Song Of Hadassah - Qelilah Solomon
Every Person In The Bible - Richard Vallance Janke
A Name - Edwina Peterson Cross
Sonnet I - Richard Vallance Janke
Poems From Miriam
Breaking Up - Sherrie Havens
I'm Shomer Negiah - Dr. Barry
The Poems Of Bunny Iskov
The Poems of Mel Sarnese
The Poems Of Trish Shields
The Poems Of Kathlyn Snow
The Poems Of Katherine Gordon
The Poems Of Richard Doiron
Abraham and Hagar- Miriam Stanley
The Poems Of Robert S Dunn
The Poems Of Louise Hagan
The Poems of Lucy Aponte
Remembrance Day 2005: The Poems of Wayne Ray
The Poems of Candido Rosario
The Poems of William Dziekanowski And Mo Gelber
The Poems Of Mindy Matijasevic
The Princess That I Never Knew - The Prophecyy
The Poems Of Teresa Kathy Rife
I Love You Hony by Tiffany Claar
A Plea To Hope Again By Dave McLellan
Poems For Liviu Librescu
DarkTears: The Poems of Brent Kaufman
The Poems of Bracha
The Poems of Shlomo Leib Aronovitz
The Poems of "Rob Hood"
The Triangle Fire Victims - Morris Rosenfeld - historymatters.gmu.edu
The Poems of Chana Ruth
Dr. Dan "The Bandage Man" - Suzanne Utts
Especially For You - Jeanette Gettan
Untie by Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg
Silent Thunder by Lynnetta Dellova
The Poems of Mary Burns
The Poems Of Daniel Schlossberg
The Poems Of Jackie Laferla
A Personal KINAH For Our Times by Rabbi Label Lam
Hearts In Love by Suzanne Dawson
The Poems Of Dietz Ziechmann
Rose Of My Dreams by Remedios Rufin
Buttdials From Shlomoh by Tony Saxon
The Poems Of Doc Janning
Am Yisrael Chai by Doc Janning

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